First FIFA World Cup Match History And Previous Champions

FIFA World Cup is the most popular sporting event of all time. Every year World Cup draws billion of live audience and television viewers. The tournament was first started in 1930 by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). Jules Rimet, the president of FIFA association decided to stage an international football tournament in 1930.

FIFA World Cup Previous Champions

Many countries like Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Uruguay, Hungary and Spain have logged their applications to host the first ever FIFA World Cup. After reviewing all countries biding, Uruguay got the opportunity to host the event. All matches were decided to be held in the capital state Uruguay, Montevideo. Three stadiums were decided from Montevideo where matches to be held, Estadio Centenario (90,000 sitting capacity), Estadio Pocitos (1000 sitting capacity), and Estadio Parque Central (20,000 sitting capacity). Estadio Centenario was the primary stadium for most of the matches.

Thirteen teams were decided to take part in the tournament, 7 from South America, 2 from North America and 4 from Europe. Only four teams were invited from Europe to participate in the tournament due to travelling issues.

The format was almost similar; thirteen teams were divided into four groups and the winner will of each group will reach to semi-finals. Group 1 had four teams and rest 3 groups had 3 teams each.

Group 1 Team:
• Argentina
• Chile
• France
• Mexico
Winner: Argentina

Group 2 Team:
• Yugoslavia
• Brazil
• Bolivia
Winner: Yugoslavia

Group 3 Team:
• Uruguay
• Romania
• Peru
Winner: Uruguay

Group 4 Team:
• United States
• Paraguay
• Belgium
Winner: United States

1st semi-final was set between Uruguay and Yugoslavia. 2nd semi-final was set between Argentina and Unites States. After defeating Yugoslavia and US, Uruguay and Argentina made to finals where Uruguay defeated Argentina by 4 – 2 and becomes the first champion of FIFA World Cup 1930 and awarded with the Jules Rimet Trophy.
After the great success of 1930 world cup, FIFA association decided to make this a four year event like Olympics. The event was voided in year 1942 and 1946 due to World War II and resumed back in year 1950. 2018 is going to witness the 21st FIFA World Cup Edition. Russia will host the event.

FIFA World Cup Previous Champions

Here is the list of past world cup champions:

YEAR Teams Results
1930 Uruguay (4) vs. Argentina (2) Uruguay
1934 Italy (2) vs. Czechoslovakia (1) Italy

(AET – Won by extra time.)

1938 Italy (4) vs. Hungary (2) Italy
1950 Uruguay (2) vs. Brazil (1) Uruguay
1954 West Germany (3) vs. Hungary (2) West Germany
1958 Brazil (5) vs. Sweden (2) Brazil
1962 Brazil (3)  vs. Czechoslovakia (1) Brazil
1966 England (4) vs. West Germany (2) England

(AET – Won by extra time.)

1970 Brazil (4) vs. Italy (1) Brazil
1974 West Germany (2) vs. Netherlands (1) West Germany
1978 Argentina (3) vs. West Germany (1) Argentina

(AET – Won by extra time.)

1982 Italy (3) vs. West Germany (1) Italy
1986 Argentina (3) vs. West Germany (2) Argentina
1990 West Germany (1) vs. Argentina (0) West Germany
1994 Brazil (0) vs. Italy (0) Brazil

(Won by penalty kicks)

1998 France (3) vs. Brazil (0) France
2002 Brazil (2) vs. Germany (0) Brazil
2006 Italy (1) vs. France (1) Italy

(Won by penalty kicks)

2010 Spain (1) vs. Netherlands (0) Spain

(AET – Won by extra time.)

2014 Germany (1) vs. Argentina (0) Germany

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